Previous Exhibitions

Art with a Heart Arts and Heritage Centre was pleased to host the following exhibitions in ‘Art with a Heart Outside the Box’, 82-84 George Street, Altrincham.



21 Jan- 7 March


Christmas Carol

3rd December-17th January

Altrincham Embroiderers Guild

3rd December-17th January

Trafford Schools Open 2015

5th-29th November

Outside the Box

24th-29th November


1st October-1st November

Transport and Industry

8th August-27th September

Birds, Bees and Butterflies

1st July-1st August

Think Differently

8th May-28th June


8th May-28th June


4th March-3rd May

Go Figure

8th January-1st March

Draw your own Conclusions

8th January-1st March


12 Artist Days of Christmas

3rd December 2014-11th January 2015

Trafford Schools Open

5th-30th November


1st October-2nd November


7th August- 28th September


7th August- 28th September

Aurora Borealis

2nd June- 31st July

AWAH Relaunch

11th June-29th June

Wish you were Here

13th June- 29th July

Art with a Heart Arts Centre utilizes empty shop units for engaging public displays

Paint a Sunflower

28th July- 10th October

Blessed Thomas Holford

16th June-10th July

Alice Through the Looking Glass

21st April-15th June


14th March-13th April

Art with a Heart Arts Centre was pleased to host the following exhibitions in Creative Surgery, Normans Place, Altrincham from 18th May 2013-2nd March 2014


23rd January-2nd March

Winter Wonderland

19th December- 20th January

Altrincham Squared

10th October- 3rd November

Trains, Trams and No Automobiles

13th September- 29th September

Celebrating Textiles

August 1st- 8th September


7th June- 23rd June

In Bloom

5th July-28th July

Tribute to Basil Morrison

18th May-2nd June

Art with a Heart Arts Centre was pleased to host the following exhibitions in Chisnalls, 12-14 Shaws Road, Altrincham from 23rd September 2012-23rd January 2013

Manchester and Beyond

28th December-5th January

Expressions of the Natural World

27th November-6th December

Abstraction from life

6th-24th November
    • Halloween and Beyond, including Halloween Corner - October  to November 2012

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