The Metaphysical

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1st October- 2nd November

Abstraction across the themes of the supernatural, the surreal and the Uncanny.

Metaphysics is defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including such concepts as being, knowing, substance, essence, cause, identity, time and space.

Meta is Greek for after or beyond and physics is Greek for nature signifying that metaphysical is something which transcends the natural world, is beyond what can be grasped by the senses and is outside of objective experience. It is the study of all reality; both the visible and invisible and what constitutes reality, both natural and supernatural.

Metaphysics is speculative; exploring the immaterial, and incorporeal and covers multiple topics such as ontology (nature of reality), theology (study of gods), cosmology (origins and nature of the Universe) and epistemology (theory of knowledge). We ask the public to view the work with an open mind and let your imagination escape to explore the work on display.

Featuring the work of Becky Gee, Enya Koster, Jennifer Murray, Steve Marsden, Stef Parkinson and Wendy Wallwork.

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