Schools Trading Cards

AWAH Art Trading Cards swap is organised by and exhibited at Art with a Heart

 ARTIST TRADING CARDS are miniature works of art created on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm card stock.

 They are original works of art and, more importantly, self-produced. Anybody can produce them.

 For the first time, AWAH will be introducing the trading cards project to secondary schools in Trafford and neighbouring boroughs.

How To Get Involved

Students will be asked to produce 2 trading cards on the current exhibition theme; one to be displayed in our gallery and online, and the other to be traded with another school.

Our intention is to:

  1. Get students thinking creatively; encouraging them to explore materials and ideas in a very short project under a particular theme.

  2. Allow students to see how others of a similar age from different schools have interpreted the same brief.
  3. Encourage the discussion of the work of others.


What You Will Receive

When you register to take part in the Schools Trading Cards project you will receive 60 blank trading cards and a detailed brief based on the current exhibition title. AWAH will provide you with some possible starting points, visual stimulus and recommended age group to introduce the project to.

 You will just need to pass the project over to your students and let them be as creative as they like with it. ALL entries will be displayed in our gallery and on the website.

Within a short period of providing us with your cards, you will receive a pack of cards designed by another class from a different school*

 It is up to you how you use this unique resource; we only ask that you return them to us by the deadline specified at the start of the project.

  *This is possible should another school participate within the allocated time.

Project Dates and Titles



Suggested participant groups: GCSE/A Level

Entry Form

Transformation Project guidance 


Celebrations and Festivities

Suggested participant groups: KS3

Entry Form

Festivals and Celebrations Help Pack

FEBRUARY 2016-MAY 2016

Black and White

Suggested participant group: A Level


If you would like a project pack for any of the projects listed above, please email

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