Frequently Asked Questions

“My work doesn’t fit the theme of Festivals and Celebrations. Can I still enter?”

Of course. This is an Open exhibition which means work on any theme can be entered and qualify for the Painting, Mixed media or Visitors choice award. The theme ‘Festivals and Celebations’ is for students who also wish to also qualify for the ‘Inspired by’ award and the theme is there as a concept for inspiring work for anyone struggling with ideas. Only AS, A2 (or Equivalent) students can qualify for the ‘Inspired by’ award. 

“My school hasn’t entered the Trafford Schools Open before. Can i still enter?”

If you go to a school within Trafford then you are eligible to enter regardless of whether your school has previously been involved or not. Our intention is to get students from every school in Trafford involved. 

“I entered my work last year, can i enter again this year?”

Yes you can. We won’t exclude anyone who has been involved previously. 

“I’m on a BTEC course, am i eligible to enter?”

Of course, we accept equivalent courses in visual arts.

“I am a student currently studying my last year on A level and am going onto University this September. Can I still enter?”

Yes you can if you studied at a school in Trafford and are going onto study a Foundation course in visual arts. As long as you are an A level student at the time of registration in July, then you are eligible to enter the Trafford Schools Open in November; even if you have gone onto college or university to study a foundation in visual arts (even outside of Trafford). However, at the time of registration you must enter the school in which you studied your A level (or BTEC equivalent)

“I am currently in Year 10 but will be in Year 11 by the time of the Trafford Schools Open. Can I apply?”

Of course. If you are continuing your studies in the arts into year 11 then you can enter the Trafford Schools Open 2015. If you register your interest you will be eligible for the GCSE exhibition and the GCSE visitors choice award in November.

“I’m not a painter or sculpture, can i still enter?”

Yes, we welcome and actively encourage students who work in any media: whether this be collage, textile, video, fashion, craft, photography, painting, sculpture, ceramic or mixed media. Anything and everything is welcome (apart from performance art)

“Can I enter pre-existing work or do i have to create something new?”

Either. We do not mind you submitting coursework or pre-existing pieces of work but you are also welcome to create  work outside of school or over the summer holidays on any theme of your choice. You can also enter work created in a previous year. This is an Open exhibition so you can submit work of your own creation, or you can go with our theme of Birds, Bees and Butterflies and create a piece of work inspired by that. 

“I am on a course that is Design or Art and Design Technology; Am i able to participate?”

Of course. Design/ Art and Design Technology are still a form of art and we welcome all forms of art to take part; be it woodwork, textiles, design or graphic design. The only art-form we are excluding is performative arts. 

“My schools seems reluctant to take part, am i able to enter without my schools permission?”

Yes you may. We have found in the past that tutors may be too busy to be involved; but you can by all means still submit your work. You do not need your tutors permission. If the school is reluctant to be involved and fails to register it’s interest, all that means is that the school will not qualify for the ‘School Award’ that is on offer. You will still qualify for all the student awards that are available. 

“How do i go about entering?”

You must register you interest in exhibiting by the 21st July. This can be done through our online form on this page  or by emailing bex@artwithaheart.org.uk.  Once you have registered your interest we will send you an information pack and entry form.

You then have until 25th October to create your work for the show. We are asking all students entering to drop their work off with their entry form to Art with a Heart between 28th October-1st November. You will be informed on the 2nd November if you have been successful.

“How many piece can i enter?”

A level students may submit up to three pieces of work. GCSE students may submit one piece. 

“I am a GCSE student, what awards are on offer for me?”

As a GCSE student there is only one award on offer which is the Visitors choice award chosen by the public upon visiting the show.

“I see there are two awards called ‘Painting Award’ and ‘Mixed Media Award’. How will i know which category my work fits under?”

This has been tricky to define in recent years. This year we have decided that:

The Painting award incorporates traditional and stereotypical 2d forms: Drawing, Ink, coloured pencils, printmaking, pastel work and Oil, Acrylic and watercolour paintings.

The Mixed Media award is everything else: Sculpture and 3D forms, ceramics, textiles, graphic design, crafts, jewelry, Collage, wax, digital art, photography, 3d relief, wood work etc.

“How do we know if we have won?”

Every year we host an Awards ceremony that ever single participant is invited to and they can bring along close friends and family.This is usually towards the end of the exhibition on the 27th November. At this event we announce the winner of all of our awards, including visitors choice.  We will inform any students not present at the ceremony if they have won and arrange for them to collect their prizes at a later date. We will also add labels to the work after the awards ceremony to make the public aware of which pieces were chosen for the awards and advertise it through our media outlets and on our website.

 ”Why should I get involved?”

Please click here for a list of reason why you should get involved in the T.S.O


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