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If you visited any of these exhibitions, please click on the photograph and leave a comment. Your views are much appreciated. Alternatively, click on the photograph of Chisnalls and leave a comment there.

Selection of Photographs from the various exhibitions organised and hosted by Art with a Heart in Chisnalls, Altrincham

With more than 6,000 visitors since Art wth a Heart opened its doors to the general public on September 23, 2012, following is a small selection of comments from the visitors book.

Around the World in 80 Artists

    • Great idea, friendly shop – Mrs. C, Sale
    • This facility is a very valuable one for Altrincham – Mr. & Mrs. L, Bowdon
    • A very good use for an empty shop! – Mr. & Mrs. H, Hale
    • Great idea and we hope all goes well – Mr & Mrs. M, Knutsford
    • Great use of an empty shop – Mr. & Mrs. S, Timperley
    • Ace – Mr. W, Disley
    • Exciting and needed ! – Mrs. D, Altrincham
    • Excellent addition to the desert of Altrincham – Mr. R, Altrincham
    • This is what Altrincham needs – a central arts events place & an energetic & nice people to run it -  Mrs. L, Altrincham
    • Wonderful – Ms. B, Dunham Massey
    • Beautiful displays -  Ms. M, Warrington
    • Great space, good luck – Ms. B, Mobberley
    • Excellent. Great use of empty shop space – Mr. & MrsC, Manchester
    • Great for Altrincham. An excellent showcase – Mr. K, Sale
    • Wonderful idea and excellent exhibition – Mr. S, Timperley
    • Great to see this new gallery – Mr. S, Altrincham
    • More of the same please – Mrs. N, Altrincham

Halloween and Beyond

    • Keep it open – more local culture!  – Mrs. E, Timperley
    • Great place –  Mrs. S, Lymm
    • Most interesting – Mr. & Mrs. H, Warrington
    • Great space! – Mrs. E, Sale

Abstraction from Life – Printmaking as an Artform

    • Fabulous pictures & good idea to involve children – Mrs. H. Urmston
    • Lovely space, excellent gallery. Great use of building – Mr. & Mrs. H, Sale
    • Very interesting, great idea – Mr S, Altrincham
    • Really good. Thankyou for the experience. Fantastic art, really inspiring – K & E, Northwich
    • A lovely place to visit – Mrs. M, Broadheath
    • Really friendly staff, great place – AWS, Sale
    • Children enjoyed the art & craft immensly – Mrs. W, Monton
    • Good cause, long may it continue – Mr. & Mrs A, Timperley
    • Keep up the good work – Mr. J, Wirral
    • Inspiring – Mr. & Mrs. K, Knutsford
    • Really beautiful, colourful & inspiring, excellent artwork – Mr. & Mrs. Hale Barns
    • Good to see some printmaking – Mr. B, Hale
    • Good idea, keep it going – Mr. M, Timperley
    • Brilliant way to use empty shop better than closed up - Mrs D, Hale
    • Fantastic work and a brilliant use of an empty shop, thanks – Mr. N, Alderley Edge

Expressions of the Natural World

    • Excellent – Mr. N, Altrincham
    • Great work + v. interesting. Please support – Mr. W, Bowdon
    • Great use of space – Mr. & Mrs. M, Timperley
    • Really beautiful, colourful and inspiring. Excellent artwork – Mr. & Mrs. A, Hale Barns
    • Excellent, useful exhibition – Mr. W, Sale
    • Great Art, Great to look around, Mr. M, Altrincham
    • Wonderful – Mr. B, Hale
    • Awesome! Keep it going – Mr. B, Flixton
    • Always looked for something like this ! – Ms. G, Bowdon
    • Great shop for family – Mr. & Mrs. S, Warrington
    • Lovely Gallery with a great mission! – Mr. & Mrs. H, Hale Barns
    • Great spot. Best of luck with it all – Mrs. B, Sale
    • Loved it, lovely art – Mr. & Mrs. B, Manchester
    • Well done to everyone involved  – great idea with lots of potential – Mrs. C, Lymm

Heritage of the Altrincham Area

    • Very interesting and well worth keeping – Mr. & Mrs. R, Hale
    • Extremely good and well laid out – Mr. D, Bowdon
    • Most interesting exhibition – Mrs. S, Bowdon
    • Loved the exhibition + brilliant to see – Mrs. M, Appleton
    • Excellent. Keep it going we need it – Mr. F, Altrincham
    • Make it permanent- Mr. Y, Bowdon
    • Will pop back to study maps – Mr. H, Altrincham
    • Regenerate Altrincham - Mr. M, Timperley
    • Excellent, very helpful staff – Mrs O, Bowdon
    • Excellent display. We need more of this – Mrs. D, Manchester
    • Great exhibition. I love the old photos of Alty – Mrs. T, Timperley
    • Intriguing – Mr. D, Hale
    • Very interesting, I will be back – Mrs. M, Altrincham
    • Very interesting, more please – Mrs. C, Timperley
    • Very impressive – Mr. & Mrs. L, Bowdon
    • Excellent display. We need more of this – Ms. D, Manchester
    • Valuable initiative – Mrs. C, Christchurch, New Zealand
    • Please continue with this programme for the Town, Great work – Mrs. P, Altrincham
    • Fantastic idea, will call again – Mr. & Mrs. F, Sale
    • Didn’t have enough time to do it justice. V. Interesting – Mr. M, Bowdon

Manchester and Beyond

    • Very interesting exhibition – Mr. A, Great Eccleston
    • A must for the community – Mr S, Newhon- le-willows
    • Excellent, deserves to be a permanent feature – Mr. E, Timperley
    • Photos show Alt as it is – very sad – Mr. D, Altrincham
    • Excellent photos + the venue is a great idea – Mrs. H, Timperley
    • Talented photographers, well displayed art. Well done! Great venue, keep it open – Mr. B, Altrincham
    • Absolutely fantastic – just what Altrincham needs – Ms. R, Bowdon
    • Innovative, good source of art – Mr. B, Bowdon
    • Some splendid captures – Mr. S, Chorlton
    • Very inspiring photography, wonderful images. You are both immensly talents – Mrs. N, Ashton-u-Lyne
    • Beautiful pictures, especially the birds – Mr. B, Manchester

Trafford Schools Open Exhibition 2013

    • Fine work from so many students – Mr. G, Altrincham
    • Brilliant addition to a brilliant series of exhibitions – Mrs. L, Hale
    • Brilliant talent – Mr J, Brooklands
    • Great opportunity to debut young artists – Ms. E, Manchester
    • Amazing talent – Mrs. L, Middleton
    • Wonderful community project – never give up! – Mrs. J, Stockport
    • Great idea – Mr & Mrs N, Altrincham
    • Love it! Great to inspire young people !! – Ms. B, Timperley
    • Great venue, great initiative, keep art with a heart in Altrincham – Mr. B, Altrincham
    • Fantastic display of young talent to be encourage & hopefully continues – Mr. & Mrs. W, Hale Barns
    • Amazed at the high standard of work – well done – Mrs. W, Altrincham
    • Great art, enjoyed the exhibition – Mr. W, Stretford
    • Thoroughly enjoyed the exhibiton – Mr. & Mrs B, Timperley


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