Celebrating Textiles


Nursery and Reception – Handprints

Year 1 and 2 – Animals and Surroundings

Art with a Heart hosts a Celebration to Textiles

Celebrating the textile artform from the Traditional, including quilting to the modern, including embroidery on old school desks, Art with a Heart is pleased to organise and host this unique exhibition.

With work from two community organisations, Venture Arts and Oldfield Brow Primary, Art with a Heart is proud to display work from their various projects.

Oldfield Brow School Children have created a patchwork panels in collaboration with a school in India, and this piece will be the showcase for the exhibition.

Four panels from the Patchwork is hung in Art with a Heart and each panel is approximately 45 inches by 90 inches. The panels were used to promote collaboration, shared learning and to challenge stereotypes.

The children in the UK made their patches reflecting the theme based on the UK or items personal to them and the children in India did the same. Four further hangings were made which will go to the school in India.

Separated by age and theme, each panel reflects the ability level of each child, these are:

  1. Nursery/ reception – Handprints in blue
  2. Year 1 and 2 – Animals and Surroundings in green
  3. Year 3 and 4 – Celebration in orange
  4. Year 5 and 6 – Dreams and Teams in purple
Year 3 and 4 – Celebration
Year 5 and 6 – Dreams and Teams

Reflecting the Traditional through to the Modern, Art with a Heart is also be showing a selection of textile art from a number of Textile Artists, including Laura Nathan, Jenny Rydell, Katherine Long, Jeanne Preston, Victoria Carys Camm, Linda Antonelli and Anita Mistry.

Art Trading Cards from Anita Mistry’s private collection is on display. Make your own ATC to trade.

There will also be both a loom and spinning wheel on display in Art with a Heart, courtesy of Victoria Carys Camm, one of the Artists.

The Heritage Display area will have a slide show reflecting the current exhibition and quilts and other items of historical value.

On Sunday September 8, Agnes Gleave from GreenGinger in Altrincham will be running a free workshop from 12 noon to 2pm.

Exhibition is from August 01 to September 08, 2013, closing 24-30 August for the Bank Holiday.

Opening Times:

10:00 to 17:00 from Thursday through to Sunday.

Entry: Free

Private viewings and events can be made by prior arrangement with Karen Wroe, karen@artwithaheart.org.uk


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