Patrick Ollerton


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I’m a Manchester based artist working mainly with oils. My recent work focuses on views of Manchester that interest me for historical, social, aesthetic or personal reasons.

I also enjoy still life and I’m fascinated by the geometry and design of simple consumer products or items that we generally take for granted.

 Numerous artists inspire me, including Cezanne, Picasso, Sisley, Geoffrey Key, David Lowther, Andrew Gifford, David Alderman, Jeremy Mann, Joe Simpson, Michael Ashcroft, Joseh Siddiqi, Angela Wakefeld, Mark Harrison, Richard Estes, Stephen Magsig.

Blackpool, November -

The bright lights and energy of Blackpool has appealed to generations of holidaymakers from the North West, and this work captures my most recent visit in November 2013.

Even out of season the feeling of movement is overwhelming with cars, buses, trams, bikes and people all in constant transit.  Some are in a rush while others prefer a leisurely pace and I was attracted to this contrast in the subject matter.

 Chinatown III -

Visits to Chinatown remind me of my own journeys to Shanghai, with lots of people busy at work or having fun underneath neon lights. This work depicts a quiet moment at dusk; the perfect time for an evening stroll.


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