Thursday 21st January-Sunday 13th March

Preview evening: Friday 29th January 6pm-8pm.

Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. Many factors throughout our lives will define our identity such as ethnic origin, heritage or culture. But identity is something that is fluid and is subject to change.

This showcase presents artists from across the globe who explore the ever changing nature of identity, sparking conversations on history, politics, gender, and contemporary approaches. The work will express, explore, and question ideas about identity across all cultural boundaries.

Together, these artists offer a unique perception of the self we present to the world, raising the question: Is Identity how we see ourselves or how others see us?

Curated by Rebecca Wild

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Artists include:

Agnieszka Baczynska, Ala Hmedy, Alexander Montgomery, Amy J A Higgins, Carol Meikleham, Charlie Dorsey, Christopher Lee, Ewa Habdas, Hafsa Alvi, Izzy Ventress, Jade Hanley, Jane Sproston, José Galant, Julie Lawrence, Kelise Franclemont, Lydia Shaw, Magdalena Joanna, Mandy Lane, Nicola Radford, Nisant Vibhani, Patrick Green, Rebecca Wild, Salma Ali, Sean Synnuck, Stacy Jackson, Victoria Coster, Xilesia Dwyer Henry and Zolt Asta.

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