Wendy Wallwork

“I am fascinated by the way clay can be manipulated to create shape and form; from the initial sketch to a three dimensional object. The firings of my wares never cease to amaze me; the use of different clays and the difference in the types of firings can have radical effects on the finished item, making each piece a unique, one off design.

My work entails various processes. From initially working the clay to either or all of the following methods : Slab work, coiling, pinching, moulding, hump back moulding, slip casting, modelling, extrusion etc.

The surface design can be created by impressing items into the clay, slip trailing, painting with coloured glazes or the traditional application, dipping, raised glazes. Or I often use transfers that have been processed using photoshop and illustrator. I also use coloured layering techniques painted under the transfers.

I hold various ceramic workshops in schools, colleges and art groups up to BTEC and A level. Teaching basic methods to advanced including Doumbek drum making. My aim is to educate the community in the joys of working with clay and to pass on the therapeutic qualities that working with clay may have on ones well being”

-Wendy Wallwork


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