Art with a Heart reopened

Graham Brady reopening Art with a Heart with curator Bex Wild and Soprano singer Scarlett Quigley
Image by Michael Barry

Art with a Heart is a local art and heritage centre for the community presenting a diverse exhibition program of local arts and history.  

Art with a Heart has two generous gallery spaces offering a combination of stereotypical white cube walls with more unconventional display methods.

We host regular exhibitions usually on a specific theme or medium.

We are not a commercial gallery, instead our aim is to raise the awareness of arts and heritage whilst supporting the development of young adults. We also a platform for emerging creatives of all ages and local artists to showcase their work to the public.

We do also have a gallery shop where you can buy prints, postcards and miniatures of art. The sale of the items go to support Art with a Heart.

Please check out our current exhibition here.

To see what we have previously done please click here.

Interested in exhibiting? Please email contact@artwithaheart.org.uk with a small selection of images of your work and an artist statement. We will then contact you when a specific opportunity arises that we feel would suit your work.

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