Draw Your Own Conclusions


 14th January-1st March 2015

Art with a Heart is exploring two fundamentals within Art: the medium of drawing and the subject of the Human form; a medium essential to any artist and a theme that dominates both historical and contemporary art.

Draw your Own Conclusions

Gallery One
Theme: Drawing
Medium: Drawing Tools

Draw your Own Conclusions is exploring the medium of drawing . From sketches to intricate technical drawings, this display will highlight how drawing is an artform in it’s own right. This includes the traditional forms such as pencil, charcoal and ink to the more contemporary and unconventional tools.


Anna Holloway, Arisha Hussain, Biljana Veselinovic, Clio Lloyd Jacobs, Constance Fearn, Emma Mowbray, Jane Fairhurst, Jennifer Murray, Pamela Lukrejca Rys, Malcolm Allum, M. K Anisko,  Martin Rodger and Riccardo Fabiani.

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