Art Beyond Sight


Art Beyond Sight   // Sensored

17th March-1st May

Art Exhibitions are usually a visual experience. But as humans we understand the world by combining what we receive from all five senses. For the first time in our history, Art with a Heart are hosting a sensory based exhibition that explores how the five senses can enhance and change the way we understand art.

Art Beyond Sight is looking at perception and taking art beyond just being a visual encounter. This part of the exhibition is looking at the concept of ‘vision’, the mystery of synaesthesia and the sensation of sound. This section addresses the senses purpose in optical perception whilst questioning the role of visual art in evoking the other senses in the viewer.

The second part Sensored, is a display of tactile engagement that playfully stimulate the senses of touch, taste and smell. Many of the artworks within this section will offer visitors the chance to explore the artwork through their sense of touch, something that is usually forbidden within the gallery. This ‘hands-on’ accessible part of the exhibition will inspire the local community to engage with the art in a tactile manner and heighten the visitor’s sensory response.

The nature of this exhibition will show how the senses can influence our appreciation of contemporary art, allowing the visitors to be captivated through a sensory and shared experience.

 Curated by Rebecca Wild


Aaron Oldenburg, Ali Barker, Annabelle Stone, Andrew Thrash, Angela Burns, Barbara Shaw, Catherine Lawes, Chloe Hayes, Colin Jacobs, Derick Smith, Diana Terry, Erin Dooley, Gen Doy, Jess Russell, Justine Raith,  Kayava, Susanne Olsen, Zata Banks.

5 comments on “Art Beyond Sight
  1. Brilliant that Art with a Heart are forefronting sight and sensory impairment.
    It’s also brilliant that you are showing works by Justine Raith (a registered blind artist), she is an ambassador for the blind and represents Galloways for the Blind.
    Her Landscapes are truly awesome and everyone should make sure that they see these, as it proves that when one sense is lost, another (we know little about), kicks in.

  2. Pam Bennett says:

    I was very sorry not to be able to access this exhibition – Art Beyond Sight – I came to George Street at 11.30 on Friday 29th and could not find a door into Art with a Heart and was advised by a neighbour that you had moved – so found your new premises near the Fablab but there was no-one there although sign said should have been open?
    I traveled from the NE coast across to Manchester and spent the night in Manchester specifically to see the exhibition so was very disappointed.
    Please can you let me know why you were not there?

    • Roger Livesey says:

      They are re-opening and launching at 6pm tonight and in addition, one of the Artist on Display is in this years Sky Arts Landscape Artists of the Year 2016 event – heat on 22nd June at wray Castle, Ambleside – worth going to this exhibition and Wray Castle also.

  3. Alex says:

    Can anyone tell me about Karen? We’ve two paintings at the Art Beyond Sight exhibition but we haven’t heard from Karen for a while since they moved the premise and now we are getting worried about the paintings. The artist is Kayava. Thank you for sending us any information. Alex

    • Roger Livesey says:

      Karen is trying hard to get the organisation back on its feet, but it seems a little lost. Saw your works stored alongside Justine Raith’s beginning of this month (August).
      One of Justine’s pieces had been damaged, yours seemed fine.
      Hope you’ve recovered your works, but they do seem rather disorganised at present and as yo’ll note, they haven’t updated the web-site.

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