Alan Baker

alanbaker3Alan Baker is an artist from Newport in Shropshire with a BA in Contemporary Art from the University of Huddersfield and a MA in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alan’s interest is in the relationships between humans and animals, exploring the idea of the animal as practitioner and how different species transform space in our everyday urban environments. In his recent practice he explores the term ‘Vermin culture’; this term is given to various species of animal, which are considered a nuisance or a ‘pest’. This inspired him to create this freestanding sculpture, constructed from various found objects that he has placed in a geometric manner, creating a structure that could be inhabited by some of the different species that are classed as Vermin. This habitat can be used by both birds, bees and butterflies but is particularly aimed at bees and other small creatures. It is created by combining naturally sourced materials and domestic items to reflect the way these creatures seek human habitats in which to create their own home eg: lofts, cellars, wall cavities and vents. This is a reversal on his usual practice so instead of the human invading an animal habitat, the animals are invading our domain.

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